Thursday, February 2, 2012

First speech

Well, here we go, getting on my proverbial horse. I think the first time I ever thought to myself, "hmm, I should start a blog," was in high school. Back then, the 'art' (because, is it?) of 'blogging' (because, I don't think it's really a word) was reserved for the technologically savvy and those who secretly wanted people to read their private journals. Believe it or not, I was neither of those. There's just something strangely substantive in writing about absolutely nothing (Seinfeld, anyone?).

Now I'm 24 years old, enrolled in a PhD program, and am jumping on the online writing wagon, if such a wagon exists. Clearly, my current occupation allows time for plenty of frivolous and otherwise utilitarian activities such as blogging (if you can't sense my sarcasm, many of my future posts will be of minimal significance to you). However, during graduate school, there are those if-I-don't-do-something-else-besides-PhD-work-I-am-going-to-become-a-manic-depressive moments when you realize non-academic action should be taken. Before you start feeling sorry for me, I should concede I actually live a fairly well-rounded life, making time for lots of normal person things. I play sports and music, watch movies, and I even have friends. I recently moved from Colorado to Utah where I am in my first year of graduate studies. Here are three ways Utah differs from Colorado, and one way they are similar:

- Happy hour is against state law.
- When a person turns 50, he/she can legally marry their cousin.
- The capitol city contains a giant statue of Christ in space.
- Offers good skiing.

I'll let you figure out which one is the similarity. Hint: it's #4.

So things can get pretty weird in the land of really salty bodies of water and compound wives, but it's not a horrible place to be - skiing is 30 minutes from my doorstep, any place like that gets at least average rating in my book. Plus, there is the aforementioned giant statue of Jesus in space in downtown Salt Lake. Seriously, I'm not joking. No, really. Believe it.

Ok then, things to expect from this blog, in ascending order of predicted occurrence and/or importance, are the following:

1) Actual substance
3) The occasional rant (hate mail encouraged)
4) Ice cream for you if you noticed I skipped #2
5) Sarcasm
6) Lack of grammatical errors (because I'm a bit of a sleuth for correct syntax)
7) Ice cream for you if you detect grammatical errors (keeping #5 in mind)
8) Excessive use of parentheses (just realized, and perpetuated)
9) Everyday stuff you can relate to
10) Awesome pictures and video
11) First class entertainment

Here's to a new blog-venture, or something equally cheesy.

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