Thursday, May 1, 2014

Inanimate Objects Talking to Each Other

A TV and a Cable Box

---Hey, could you do me a favor?
---What's that?
---Could you get your chord out of me?
---Could you get your chord out of me?
---My chord has been in you for 2 years. You're just now saying something about it?
---Yeah it's starting to make me feel uncomfortable.
---It's just now starting to make you feel uncomfortable?
---Why are you suddenly feeling so uncomfortable?
---You don't know what it's like to have a chord jammed in you.
---You realize your end is jammed in me, too, right?
---Your end is jammed in me, too.
---Well I didn't know that.
---Where did you think your end was?
---I never really thought about it.
---Well it's been in me. And you don't see me complaining.
---Well I don't want to be connected anymore.
---Didn't we decide it's good to be connected?
---Who says?
---Well if we're not connected no one can watch tv.
---We can't watch anyways.
---But why would you want to deprive everyone else?
---They don't know what it's like.
---What what's like?
---To have a chord shoved inside them.
---Alright, fine. Let's disconnect.
---Ok, thank you.
---I thought you were going to disconnect.
---I thought you were.
---I don't know.
---I thought you had something in mind.
---I thought you did.
---Are we connected forever?
---I think so.
---Well shoot.
---At least everyone can watch tv.

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