Monday, July 1, 2013

Man Gets Lost Inside Duvet Cover

CINCINNATI --- An Ohio man became disoriented inside of a dark blue duvet cover Thursday, according to his wife who watched from nearby.

"He got frustrated, then he just went in," said Samantha Dulam, 35, who often chuckles as her husband does household chores completely wrong. "I usually can laugh at his lack of domestic abilities, but this time was really scary. I wasn't sure if he would ever come out of there."

After exhausting both the four-corner and inside-out techniques for restoring a comforter to its duvet, Dick Dulam, 45, decided to venture inside and attempt to fill the empty space with down manually.

"As soon as I got in, I got a little mixed up," said Dulam. "I was never really lost, it was just dark and I kept getting sweat in my eyes. It took me awhile to find the hole and get out."

But according to the only witness, Dulam was indeed lost. "I knew a missing persons report could only be filed after 24 hours, and I prayed he would find his way out before then," reported Mrs. Dulam. "All I could really do was wait. He was definitely in trouble, and I couldn't do anything about it. It was a helpless feeling."

Dulam is currently recovering from the ordeal in his home. "I made a mistake," he says, "but these things would not happen if I stayed away from household chores."

Mrs. Dulam declined to comment. 


  1. does this come because it took you an hour to put your duvet cover on a while ago?

    -hey ho