Friday, September 13, 2013

8-Foot-Tall Multiracial Green Party Muslim Homosexual Albinos: "We Just Want Equality"

The nation's 8-foot-tall multiracial Green Party Muslim homosexual Albinos are speaking out against racial, cultural, political, religious, sexual, and all other types of discrimination they say has plagued them throughout their history.

"Just as any other minority group in America, we think we deserve total equality," said Antonio Muhammad Sage Abbad Gutierrez-McKenzie, revered by 8-foot-tall multiracial Green Party Muslim homosexual Albinos as the leader of the 8-foot tall multiracial Green Party Muslim homosexual Albino civil rights movement.

"We deserve the right to display and celebrate our race, culture, politics, religion, sexual orientation, and physical defects in complete freedom and without resistance or prejudice of any sort," said Gutierrez-McKenzie, a tall, blindingly pasty Hispanic-American wearing a rainbow colored Turban made out of hemp.

"We have a rich history in this country and have helped make America what it is today," continued the freaky looking minority. "We deserve to be allowed on height-restricted roller coasters. We deserve to be able to marry the ones we love regardless of sex or race in an environmentally friendly Mosque. We dream of the day when we can walk the streets without people cranking their necks to gawk at our nearly invisible white eyebrows."

The racial/ethnic/social/political/religious group's appeals for equality remain largely unheard, as the average American has never seen or heard of an 8-foot-tall multiracial Green Party Muslim homosexual Albino. "Those exist?" stated a New York City man. "Well, if they exist then they deserve equal rights, I guess."

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