Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Introducing, Fetusbook

As expecting parents, you want the best for your developing fetus. Why wait for your baby to be born before providing him/her with the gift of social networking?

Introducing, Fetusbook for the developing fetus! Create a profile for your unborn infant, and get them started networking with other fetuses before they take their first breath. Provide for your precious unborn something never before possible in the womb - friends. Why force your offspring to develop real life social skills when they can be born with 500 virtual womb friends?

Fetusbook is fully equipped with useful features to ensure a successful social transition from womb to world.

Experiencing lots of kicking today? Morning sickness creeping in? Use our womb status feature to update your fetus' social circle on all placental happenings. Nothing feels quite as good as sharing the most private and personal moments of your pregnancy with the world.

Have a collection of ultrasound images piling up? Use fetography albums to record and post all your fetal pictures for others to see! When your child is older, they will appreciate a detailed photographic record of what they looked like inside of their mother's reproductive tract.

Haven't picked out a name yet? No Problem! The nammary feature generates random baby names and is there to take the pressure off - you won't have to worry about naming your child, only presenting them with the gift of a well put-together profile page.

Use Fetusbook for all your fetal needs. Every time sperm meets egg, a potential social networking participant is fertilized. Don't let your child enter the world without a means of electronically interacting with others. Make your fetus a profile today and you will be well on your way to providing them with a rich and rewarding social life!

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