Monday, August 27, 2012

An attempt at something

A month devoid of any substantial writing ideas whatsoever has resulted in a month of blog emptiness.

I don't presume that I have run out of topics. No, that shouldn't happen - the world is full of humor.

However, what I may have realized is that in addition to writing about nothing I occasionally long to write about something. As I start this post, that something still eludes me. Nonetheless I will continue to type words in neat succession until something (the generic and the particular) comes out, because blog emptiness is sad.

Growing up in grade school, we were all taught to formulate ideas before starting to write. Outlines, concept maps, and bubble diagrams were all promoted. Here, I compose in utter revolt of such stratagem. Not only have I not outlined, but I also do not have the slightest topic in mind. I feel rebellious, almost insubordinate.

To be clear, it's not as if anything I have posted previously has been the result of careful preparation, but it is especially ironic here as I attempt to relay the sort of 'substance' that is said to require structured planning.

But what if this so called 'substance' never actually makes its way onto the screen? What if I just continue to string together coherent sentences until I have a product that seems lengthy enough to be considered legitimate? Does that require preparation? Or is this drivel itself the direct result of a lack of planning, formulating, thinking?

Where's my 4th grade English teacher when I need her... 
Of course, the great irony of this increasingly inexplicable commentary is that it was meant to be about something, and has instead turned into more nothing-ness than anything else I have written. But I wonder, can the nothing-ness shine through as, something? I know, now I'm just being deliberately facetious.

I'm trying so hard to find something.

I guess I'd better go back to writing about socks and airplane peanuts.


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