Monday, July 2, 2012

The Ballad of Costa Rica

There are certain families of five
who doubtlessly never should drive
through a far foreign land filled with jungles and sand
luck be to make it alive

Replace coffee machines with rice and beans
roads with potholes and dirt
sun is expected but still not respected
prepare pale skin to be burnt

Here there are creatures unseen in the states
big scary lizards and venomous snakes
Curious crabs will crawl on your hand
but worst of all in this dangerous land...

Coca Cola is not
the only form of bubbling crapola

Laughter ensues and an ego is bruised
while samples of 'selfies' are being perused
Life on vacation is after all simple
joy can be felt from a single pimple

Big ocean waves are a stressed father's foe as he sits alone in worry
all the while angry fists rain down on his bathroom door with fury

Fathers are worried while sisters are hurried
for dinner downstairs awaits
but still they are primping not thinking of skimping
they'll never leave hairdos to fate

Fathers are worried while sisters are hurried
while mothers scurry about
collecting those things other families don't bring
this mom leaves nothing in doubt

Fathers are worried while sisters are hurried
while mothers scurry about
but brothers and sons just want to have fun
so they take a different route:

Don't worry it's fine
Don't hurry there's time
Don't scurry to rhyme
even when one is available


  1. No better thank you than this could be had
    from a blogger son whose rhyming ain't so bad!

  2. Brilliant. And probably confusing for outsiders not in on the inside Gendel-jokes of Latin America.