Sunday, April 1, 2012

The best pie is humble

I consider myself a casual musician. I enjoy this role immensely, because I love music, and I love creating it. Plain and simple.

I am constantly inspired by people who are better than me. Here are some of those people, and a short description of why they are better.

                            As far as technicality goes, this guy is king. I dare you to try and find a mistake 
                            in this song. You won't, because Antoine Dufour does not make them. There must 
                            be something magical in that bandanna that makes him better than me.

                          Kyle Landry is just your average youtube phenom. He has uploaded 314 piano
                          videos, which is 313 more than I have. Does that make him 313x better than me?
                          At least. Don't let the fact he dresses like a homeless person fool you - this guy is

                          Not only is South Korea's Sungha Jung better than me now (as a 15 year old), 
                          but he has been better than me for awhile now. This young tyke already has two
                          full-length albums, has composed more than 20 original pieces, and tours

                           Tommy Emmanuel's abilities are beyond description. He is is arguably 
                           the best acoustic guitarist in the world. At least I can feel good about
                           the fact that he is better than every other person too, not just me.

                         Another man who gained his fame via youtube, Ronald Jenkees is a creative
                         maniac. Of course, it isn't hard these days to make music electronically, but
                         when someone does it like this they deserve credit. Ronald is better than me 
                         on keys, as well as on hat styles.

                         This is Andy Mckee, playing a Don Ross song. These men are both much 
                         better than me, and incidentally they both look eerily similar to my third 
                         grade bus driver. It's beyond the point, but necessary.

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  1. Wow! All very talented for sure and humbling for most. But inspiring too. I couldn't even follow the fingers of the last guy Andy as he plays. Are you sure the sound is coming from his guitar? Looking forward to Tommy!